Specialty Options

Make your item more visually appealing with beautiful and unique features.
Come in to see and feel the difference in our specialty cards!

Metallic Foil

Nothing says class like gold or silver foil.
Put your business card a step above the rest with this
shimmering metallic finish. Foil is also available in a
stylish copper colour.


A rainbow of choice! The shimmering foil with a touch of fun!
Akuafoil has a slight visual texture compared to regular foil.

Make any colour Aquafoil!

Spot Highlight (UV) Shine

Make your card shine. Catch the eye with a little reflective light
and give your card the attention it deserves. It’s one of the
most popular choices for a reason.


Round Corners

Be the card that stands out from the rest of the pack and
round out your corners. From subtly smooth to boldly rounded,
let others know you are approachable & trendy.

Silk Lamination

Your card will feel smooth and luxurious with this quality paper.
A matte cover gives this card a classy appearance. Make a lasting
impression on clients by appealing to their senses.

Silk Lamination + Spot Highlight

Combine these wonderful features! Smooth and luxurious with an eye catching featured shine. You really need to see it in person to experience what a lovely card this is.


When you’re this smooth, your card should match.
Feel the difference with Suede cards. You can’t hold it without noticing
the difference. A soft velvet laminate gives this card a touch of luxury.

Pearl Paper

A distinctive metallic pearl paper with a glamorous shimmer
to give your card a touch of beauty. Perfect for weddings!


Lustre High Gloss

Beautifully glossy cards- make people take a second look with this lustrous card. Add shimmer and shine to your card for high tier style.


Plastic cards are truly modern and trendy; they make
for a very distinctive card! Strong and durable,
they are a very versatile medium for design.


If you want to look cutting edge, transparent cards
are a wonderful medium for unique designs. Have a floating image
or playful design that appears on a clear plastic window.

Thick Paper

When you want to show you are solid and reliable,
emphasize the point with a thicker paper for the tangible effect.

Matte-14pt copy


An elegant subdued look with matte paper.
It has no shine but a gentle appearance.



Linen paper is semi-rough paper that emulates the look of linen cloth with a textured feel.

Natural-14pt copy


Natural stock is a light cream, natural white color. It has a smooth final appearance. Come in to see a sample in person!

EndurAce copy


When you need a card that lasts, you need to give your card
a bit of endurance. Stand up to the wear and tear of life
with this strong card.

Uncoated-14pt copy


No gloss, no effects, no nothin’!


Raised Spot Gloss

If you want to get extra fancy, there isn’t much cooler than raised spot gloss! It looks like liquid, but is hard like plastic, like a resin.


Please note! Specialty options increase production time.
If you do not have an extra week or so to spare please choose basic gloss or semi-gloss.
Ask us if you have any questions about order times. Thank you!